Vitamin B17 Professional's "CPACK 2"
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Vitamin B17 Professionals CPACK 2

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Vitamin B17 Professional introduces CPack2 which includes 3 Innovative Pure and Potent Products :

B17 Professional : B17-20:1 is B17 (known as Amygdalin or Laetrile) at a strength of 20:1, meaning it is 20 x (times) more potent than any B17 available today with an added concentration of 50% Amygdalin ( the main power house ingredient that makes b17 work).

Cleopatra's B17-20:1 is 100% Pure/Organic B17 derived from Raw Bitter Apricot Kernals (seeds), with 0% fillers, Preservatives, or Additives extracted at a strength of 20:1 supplying you with 50% Amygdalin per dose compared to 3% in Apricot Kernals. Simply 100% Pure 20:1 B17 (50% Amygdalin / Laetrile).

Each bottle contains 100 600mg Capsules of 20:1 Amygdalin / Laetrile known as B17 or Raw Bitter Apricot Seed Extract 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin per capsule. 1 Capsule is equal to taking 30 Organic Apricot Kernals. 3 Capsules would equal taking 90 Organic Apricot Kernals.


Graviola Professional : Cleopatra's Organic Graviola (Soursop) 20:1 is the world's most potent and pure Graviola (Soursop) available today! Each bottle of Cleopatra's Organic Graviola 20:1 contains 120 Capsules each containing 600mg of 100% Pure Organic Graviola 20:1. This product contains no fillers, preservatives, or additives. Taking 1 Capsule of Graviola Pro is equal to taking 20 of the competitors capsules....amazing !


Zeolite 2 Professional : Zeolite 2 is 50% Micronized zeolite and 50% Humic Acid
Cleopatra's Zeolite 2 is a combination of 100% Pure Clinoptilolite Micronized Zeolite and Medella known as Human Grade Humic Acid 99% Pure (highest in the world). Each Zeolite 2 Professional Jar contains exactly 50% of each Zeolite Professional and Medella Professional (humic acid professional). Each capsule contains 850mg and 200 capsules come in each Zeolite 2 Jar.



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